31st October - 2nd November 2011

The Summit

31st October - 2nd November 2011

NGT MENA Summit 2011

Summit Venue
The Meydan Hotel, Dubai

A unique market where timing and decision making will define the winners. MENA is the fastest growing market for both mobile and fixed telephony in the world. Liberalisation of the Middle Eastern market is prompting huge access and consumer demand. The growth and convergence of fixed mobile networks and services is the top priority for all operators and carriers.

White Papers

EMA: Four Priorities for Integrated, Service-Centric Performance Management

A new frontier faces operations teams making the transition from focusing on device availability to focusing on service quality and performance. Making this change requires expanding the scope of management activities and rethinking management tools architectures to embrace sustained performance monitoring spanning all of the contributing technologies and domains that must come together to comprise today's highly flexible and dynamic services. Tooling options for integrated, service-centric performance management include single-vendor suites, domain-specific best of breed products, and a promising alternative - cross-domain, integrated performance managers. This latter class can offer a compelling balance of functional capability matched with low integration costs and low total cost of ownership. This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMATM) paper evaluates priorities for service-centric performance management and analyzes how one cross-domain integrated solution, Watch4net's APG, measures up.

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